“Bringing peace of mind through education and consultation”

 Conflict Mediation:

A team of Mental Health professionals is available to consult with your group or family and facilitate an effective conflict mediation process. Harmony prides itself on choosing the most effective type of Conflict Mediation style for your issue (Managed, Cognitive, Facilitative, Transformative or Eclectic) while using reflective listening, facilitation of collaborative conversations and questioning to help individuals overcome differences. We facilitate brainstorming, and resolution development as well as guide individuals idenfiying and overcoming any possible barriers to success.

Parent/Caregiver/Teacher Consultations for Behavior Management: 

During these consultation sessions, a child is observed over one or two session and data is collected to determine the suspected function of behavior and behavior management strategies based on the principles of ABA (Applied Behavior Analysis) are recommended. During the consultation we will demonstrate how to effectively respond to challenging behaviors to decrease their future occurrence. We have effectively helped families and caregivers learn strategies to decrease noncompliance, physical aggression, severe self injury and property destruction.