Empowering families and caregivers through applied behavior analysis 

Behavioral Analysis Services provided:

In Home or Clinic Based ABA Services:

We pride ourselves on creating individualized treatment plans using the science of ABA focusing on diligent use of reinforcement, prompting and extinction as well as useful data collection and analysis in the implementation of the following instructional methodologies: Discrete Trial Teaching, Pivotal Response Teaching, Verbal Behavior Teaching and Natural Environmental Teaching.

Parent Training:

We provide parent training using principles of Applied Behavior Analysis to combat undesired behaviors and teach children appropriate replacement skills.  We empower parents and equip them with evidence based strategies to decrease challenging behaviors.

Behavior Focused Group Home Supervision and Oversight:

We provide useful feedback and regular supervision to behavior focused group homes including monitoring of plan implementation by staff, training in basic behavior change procedures, data analysis and analysis of patterns surrounding critical behavior incidents. 

We accept Medicaid, MedWaiver, TriCare and a variety of Private Insurances.  We also work with families and provide a sliding scale fee for services when necessary.