We Are Here To Serve You

Harmony Mental Health and Behavioral Services is a dynamic, person-centered social service agency dedicated to providing high quality applied behavior analysis and mental health services. Harmony has an effective team of Mental Health Counselors and Board Certified Behavior Analysts who are dedicated to serving children and adults with developmental disabilities, psychiatric diagnoses and general quality of life issues that may impede optimal well-being.

Our mission is to provide individuals and families a harmonious continuum of high quality mental health and behavioral services that promotes optimal well being and maximizes interpersonal, educational, and vocational success.

We Service:

Harmony is a multifaceted agency which focuses on empowering individuals to live healthy lives through the implementation of mental health counseling and behavioral analysis techniques.

We service:

Children, adolescents and adults with psychiatric diagnoses
Children, adolescents and adults with developmental disabilities
Individuals and families in need of counseling to overcome life issues
Individuals and families in need of behavioral support for children with autism