Treatment Philosophy

We pride ourselves on using the evidence based principles of Applied Behavior Analysis to provide long lasting, effective results in all the individuals we serve and support.  Our Analysts and assistants use a wealth and variety of instructional methods including Discrete Trial Teaching, Pivotal Response Teaching, Verbal Behavior Teaching and Natural Environmental Teaching. We focus on individualized treatment and support that uses a collaborative approach with families and staff as we empower them to manipulate variables in the environment to best support effective behavior change and skill acquisition.

Practitioners at Harmony use ABA to treat individuals who may have a developmental delay, autism spectrum disorder, or be experiencing difficulty learning appropriate social, communication or functional skills in many ways including:

  • Teaching the individual and all caregivers, parents, teachers or staff effective behavior management principles and prevention techniques
  • Training the individual and all caregivers, parents, teachers or staff involved to decrease interfering behaviors (e.g., aggression, self injury or stereotypy)
  • Teaching individuals to generalize and transfer appropriate behaviors from one setting, or with     one trainer to another
  • Maintaining current behaviors in the individuals current repertoire (e.g., self control and self monitoring procedures to maintain and generalize school or job-related social skills)
  • Increasing behaviors that are required to function in school, home and community settings (e.g. to increase on-task behavior, activities of daily living, social interactions, life management skills, communication skills, or social skills)
  • Teaching how to modify environmental conditions to ensure success for all parties involved.

At Harmony we believe that the first and most effective teachers of all children, with our without disabilities, are the parents! Our goal is to teach families (and caregivers and staff when applicable) of young children more effective ways to handle problem behaviors and teach appropriate behaviors to their children. We empower caregivers with knowledge and skills to help the individuals they care for succeed and make harmonious transitions between the home, school and community. We look forward to working with you and welcome any inquiries about behavior analysis services at