“Providing individuals and families with a harmonious continuum of high quality Mental Health Counseling and Behavior Analysis Services in the Central Florida area and beyond.”

Behavioral Analysis

Behavior analysis is a science based upon the principles of behaviorism.

Mental Health

Mental health describes a level of psychological well-being.

Consultation Services

HarmonyMHBS provides top notch consulting services and much more.

Harmony is a multifaceted agency which focuses on empowering individuals to live healthy lives through the implementation of mental health counseling and behavioral analysis techniques.



Children, adolescents and adults with psychiatric diagnoses

Children, adolescents and adults with developmental disabilities

Individuals and families in need of counseling to overcome life issues

Individuals and families in need of behavioral support for children with autism

Our Philosophy to a Healthier Lifestyle:

Create a wellness toolbox with all of the things you absolutely love/enjoy doing. Ensure you create a daily, weekly, monthly and annual schedule incorporating these things. Always PRIORITIZE YOU.
Get an accountability partner who can support your growth and wellness.
Prepare your meals for the day and maximize your adherence to a healthy lifestyle.
Acknowledge the greatness in others daily. A spirit of gratitude is key to being well.
Get good rest daily. If you lead a productive life that gets in the way of your rest, compensate by allowing yourself specific days for REST ALONE.
Drink at least eight glasses of water daily. Healing lies within you. Water, in addition to nutrients, provides your body what it needs to operate efficiently.
Engage in physical exercise at least three times a week. Make it a routine. You will be more successful if you have an exercise schedule.
Align yourself with individuals who cause you to be great. You are the company you keep.